What does
"It's All About The Horse"

Simply put, every effort, every venture, is meany to enhance the wellbeing of the horse.

IAATH is more than communication, it's omnilateral understanding; it's not just about having a conversation but holding membership in it

IAATH encompasses several aspects. There are learning opportunities in the form of imagery, texts & writings, excerpts from previous publications and most importantly a vision, in the form of guidance.

The components of IAATH are as follows;
Imagery, Learning, Publication & CCET (Canadian Certified Equine Transporter)

Imagery by ManeFrame

Unique Equine Imagery


Not just a play on words, but a philosophy on helping horses learn


Previous writings, upcoming publications & blogs

Canadian Certified
Equine Transporter

More than just a symbol, this is the mark of dedicated professionals with the welfare of the horse at heart

IAATH supports fellowship & collaboration. Therefore, those who share the vision are welcome.
Following are some others who embrace the same concepts of wellness & wellbeing

Fluidity Equine Therapy
Holistic equine wellness through the use ofalternative modalities

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